Let Them Eat Cake


My grandmother baked wedding cakes for a living. Back in the day, she was the woman you called in the little ole' town of Beulaville, North Carolina, when you had a special occasion and needed a beautiful cake. Grandmother passed down many of her features. She may not be here now, but I love to believe that she lives a bit through me. I have her hair, which is darker than the night sky, tough as a horse tail, and wildly curly. My left eye is a tiny bit smaller than my right, especially when I smile, thanks to her. The skin I wear is milky white, speckled with freckles. I have her hands, which I've been told are the perfect size to form a homemade biscuit that is just right. Her garden made me fall in love with flowers. My hips are curvy and wide-set, womanly, just like hers. We share the same sweet tooth. One that simply cannot go a day without being satisfied. She also passed down her love of baking to me. 

My morning birthday spread was pretty magical, thanks to this all-vegan cake beauty from The Butterwood Bake Consortium in Lawrenceville. When I opened the box, and saw my birthday cake for the first time, my breath was taken away. Grandmother felt close by. I saw her in the figs, flowers, and rich chocolate cream. 

If you have a special occasion, or a late-night hankering for something sweet, make sure to stop by The Butterwood Bake Consortium. I promise you won't be disappointed.