Clean Beauty


Think of yourself as a sponge. Smushy, absorbent, soft, and filled with tiny holes just waiting to soak up whatever you feed it. 

My beauty regimen has changed in so many wonderful ways over the last few years. I've found myself falling in love with taking care of this sponge of mine. Focusing on quality brands, that are kind to the environment and my personal health and growth. It's 2018. If you haven't made the effort to become a believer in clean beauty, now is the time.

Why I switched? Two Reasons: 

Curiosity. I did some research. I went through each and every one of my products, looked into their ethics + ingredients, and was honestly somewhat appalled. I'm an animal lover, and found that many of the products were testing. The ingredients listed in most of these products are also pretty horrible for that sponge of yours to be absorbing.

Proof. I was living, breathing, proof that these products were not great for me. I felt dried out. I didn't sweat. The chemicals going into my body just made me feel off.

I know that this post has been said and done a thousand times, by so many different blogs. But it's the new year, and a good time to set intentions and reminders. I challenge you to take a look inside your beauty/wellness routine. What do you see? Have you made the switch from chemical beauty products to natural? Are the companies you support loving mother earth? Take some time to sort through, I promise the switches will be well worth it.




Cocokind Collective. I simply can't get enough of these sticks. I use the MYMATCHA daily, as an under-eye + chapstick duo. The MACABEET adds some tint to my cheeks, and TURMERIC is a great spot-corrector. 

Schmidts. I am the natural-deodorant queen. I swear, I've tried them all. I used to make my own for family and friends, but keep going back to this Rose + Vanilla one. Guys, if you do learn anything in 2018 learn this - sweating is good. Stop clogging your lymph nodes with chemicals and let your body release toxins.

Kopari. I just started using this brand a couple months ago, and so far, so good. My face is feeling healthy as a clam. 

Yarok. Oh! I love this company. They donate proceeds to the rainforest, use clean ingredients, and nourish my hair. 

This is not an ad - or a drill. Treat that sponge of yours. Start this week. <3