I've been wanting to start a book club in Pittsburgh for far too long. But, why limit it to one location when I could have one giant book club online? Quite honestly, I read about 4-5 books monthly. I simply can't get enough. But, I would love to share my love of reading with others, and be able to dig into the book a little deeper by hearing different opinions. So, here we are. 

The rules:

  • ANYONE can be in this book club. I love all of you.
  • Free discussion is allowed. Write what you really think on the comments - not what you think I want to hear. If you hate the book, tell us why. If you loved it - even better! 
  • If you consider yourself part of the club, then please engage. Suggest books, discuss chapters, etc. I want to hear from you!
  • Have fun.

I want this book club to be as intimate and realistic as one that would be held in my family room. Each month, we will pick a book. I will post five book options, and in the comments, you will write your vote. Book with the most votes is the one we will be reading that month. 

If you aren't much of a reader now, then listen up. Challenge yourself a bit. Do something different. Try to find time. I can honestly say that when I'm lost between the pages, I'm at complete peace. It's nice to escape this dizzying world sometimes.

Be on the look out this week for my next Book Club post. We will be choosing the first book to be read in March!

Also, let's think of a #hashtag to use. If you ever post a photo of the book we are reading in our club, it would be nice to be able to see it! If you have any thoughts on one - let me know! This is a group effort :) :) :)