Spending half of my childhood in the countryside of Eastern North Carolina has given me a deep appreciation for both hard work and hard rest. Lately, I feel like I've been slacking on the resting part, so it was time to be reminded what that was all about. I recently escaped Pittsburgh for a quick weekend trip down South to my visit my family and refresh myself. Let me just tell you this:

It. Was. Exactly. What. My. Body. Needed.


The tip top of my brain, filling with rushes of oxygen from the vast open spaces. My plump heart, from squeezing my family every moment I could get. The surface of my skin, as I plunged into the water each morning while the sun was waking. These tired eyes of mine, which saw cantering horses and a sky full of stars. My nose was filled with scents of fresh biscuits and dark coffee. Taste buds that have been dried out,  soaked up fresh peaches from a woman in town. My fingers as they picked Scuppernong grapes out of a friends vine. My legs as I ran barefoot on the wrap around porch, chasing lime green frogs. 

I felt myself losing a sense of adventure in the past couple months - but oh, did it come back quick. It was like as soon as I touched down in the tiny town of Duplin County (the place has more pigs than people), 12 year old me just came back. My favorite night there was spent in the peanut fields - praying to the lords above that a snake wouldn't get my leg. If you haven't experience the feeling of yanking a big ole' bushel of peanuts out of the earth, I suggest you do it. Oh, and boil them with lots of salt for the perfect midnight snack. (Would you guys like a recipe?) 



When I get back from a trip as humbling and wonderful as this one, I simply feel like myself again. I'm reset. This body and mind of mine is fragile.  It's important to dig deeper, find those roots that have seemed a little brittle lately, and restore them. From the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes.

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