DIY | Nature Preserves


My happy place is in nature . A day of hiking and breathing in fresh air is a day well spent. Lately I've been trying to come up with a way of bringing that happy place and those special moments into my home.

So I've decided on giving nature preserves a try, and so far, I'm in love. It's a simple way to add natures beauty throughout my home, and also have a reflection from some of my favorite days spent in the forest. Fox Meets Bear inspired me to start scribbling journal entries on each. It's a little bit like having a collection of stories through art. While doodling along the pages, or on the back, don't be shy. Add quotes from the day, special moments that happened, who you were with. I'm dating each of mine with the month and year so that 30 years from now I can come back and look out how lovely life grew in my 25th year.

queen anne






Forage. The starting place for this project is to begin going on adventures through the woods. If you are anything like me, and have a giant bear dog who loves to go for hikes, this shouldn't be a problem for you. If you aren't that girl, well challenge yourself! Make a plan this weekend to go on a walk in nature, and start collecting any beauty that you see.

Press + Dry. Either use a flower pressing kit, or stack some books on these babies and wait it out. I'm still experimenting with the drying process, so if you have any tips - let me know in the comments! Naturally, a lot of my leaves have turned brown, which is fine, but I would love to preserve that punchy green.

Layout. This is the fun part - after patiently waiting for the drying process to end. Arrange your findings on paper. You may have to trim certain areas to fit the space. I use handmade paper - which I found on Etsy a couple years ago. I love the thickness and texture of it. In my layouts, I've played around with different groupings for some, as well as letting a single page be dedicated to a special find.

Frame. Collect vintage frames and give these beauties a place to live forever. If you want a more of an organic look - use command strips on the back and let them float along your walls.


I began this journey over the Summer season, and can't wait to forage my way through Fall. I hope to grow and move into all aspects of nature - bugs, mushrooms, bark. With leaves falling and some species dying out before winter comes, I hope to collect anything I can and give it a new life through art.