Morning Routine + Reading List



I'm an early bird. I love my mornings. Without them, I honestly think I may go mad each day. I've found that my favorite moments of are spent in the early hours while the sun is sprinkling its way into the world. The feeling of the cold hardwood floors beneath my feet, and my sleepy pups tail wagging against my leg. I love the quiet clarity of my mornings. 

6:30 am: Wake up. Drink half cup of lemon water. Curl up in bed for 5 min.

6:35 am: Stretch + breathe. Put tea kettle on. Let Wednesday out.

6:50 am: Make tea. Currently, I've been sipping on a big cup of Green Moroccan Mint. I add a bit (lots) of TJ's coconut creamer. Sip + cook up breakfast.

7:00 am: Eat breakfast in bed or at the table by my big bay window. Depending on how lazy I'm feeling. While I eat, I pull out the books and begin to read. 

7:30 am: Continue Reading.

8:00 am: Brush teeth, wash face. Take Wednesday for exercise.

My routine gives me an hour and a half each morning to do things for myself. I tend to keep off all social media, my phone, and the television. I try and spend most of my time reading, and the benefits of it are beyond. I feel more relaxed, happier, and my creativity goes up. Waking up to words is freeing, in a way. For 50 minutes, I escape my world for a bit and enter a different one within the pages. I'm taken away from worrying. I get some time to breathe a bit, without any guilt or anxiety about the rest of the day. 


  • The Sun and Her Flowers, Rupi Kaur. I'm sure you've seen this on everyones Instagram lately, but I can't stress it enough. I read a poem a day. Some are happy, others sad, but each is relatable. Reading one poem a day from Rupi helps me think and set some intentions for the day.


  • The Woman In The Window, A.J. Finn. Read this in two days. The writing was beautiful, and I felt so deeply connected with the main character by the end of it. 


  • Sourdough, Robin Sloan. This is a light, quirky read that is easy to pick up. The tech world meets the food world in San Francisco, and yes, you will crave Sourdough bread the entire book.


  • The Wife Between Us, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I'm a sucker for a twisty thriller, and this one surely didn't disappoint. I became a little too attached to the main character, and found myself having trouble putting the book down. 


  • Two Girls Down, Louisa Luna. On my TBR list. Has anyone read yet?

I hope you wake up to words. I promise you won't regret it.

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