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The first collar I ever bought my Bernese Mountain Dog, Wednesday, was from a sweet brand based in Venice, California called Beast + Babe.

3 years later, here we are, still walking & wagging our way through town, with Kelsie's product keeping' us cool. She created the perfect mix of boho & modern, and each month I'm constantly checking her site for new digs.

I grew up surrounded by vintage textiles. From paper thin indigo mud cloths to piles of kantha quilts, to handmade blankets sewn with so much love from my grandmother. I guess you could say my mum created a textile monster out of me. The obsession became very, very real.  So, when I first started shopping for my dog, naturally, I wanted her collars and leashes to have a story.

 Once I found out about Beast + Babe, and read a bit about the brand, I knew I would always support her. She got me. Here's a taste:

"A few summers ago my favorite blanket (a gorgeous handmade vintage piece from Ghana) got a major hole in it and I was bummed. However, I also realized that Yogi's dog leash was quite literally hideous so I decided to try my hand at turning my favorite blanket into one." - Kelsie, Beast + Babe.

Not only are the pieces fun and fresh, but they also are friendly to mother nature, which was also key for me. When someone can take something old, and repurpose it into something totally new and beautiful, they have my heart.

Kelsie, thank you, thank you, thank you, for being so inspiring and also creating so many lovely things. If you love what you see, make sure to check out her site HERE & also give her some love on INSTAGRAM<3